STEL VLF/ELF Kagoshima Tape Data

This homepage is to show data list of analogue VLF/ELF tapes obtained by the Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University.

Kagoshima Observatory: (31.48N, 130.72E)
analogue tape: 1976-2003, analogue Mini disk: 2004-2007, digital data: 2008-

PLEASE CONTACT K. Shiokawa or Y. Miyoshi of STEL for the 20kHz-samplied digital data. The tapes in the following list can be digitized upon request.

List of VLF/ELF tapes at the Kagoshima Observatory (1976-2003)
List of data files digitized from the VLF/ELF tapes (file available on request)
Picture of the Kagoshima Observatory (in PDF)
Examples of VLF spectra and sound

Contact Address
Kazuo Shiokawa, and Yoshizumi Miyoshi
Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 464-8601, Japan
tel: +81-52-747-6419 fax: +81-52-747-6323

The VLF/ELF observation at the Kagoshima Observatory had been continuously supported by late Mr. Takasuka (until 1990) and late Mr. Koichi Hidaka (until 2007). H. Kogushi and O. Hayashi made the tape list and digitize the tapes since 2007.

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